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Jobs under threat at building firm

Tuesday November 6th 2012

Hundreds of jobs could be cut due to "asset stripping" at construction materials company Tarmac, a major union has claimed.

According to the GMB union, as many as 500 jobs are in danger of being cut at the Wolverhampton company under a proposed joint venture with French firm Lafarge.

GMB national officer, Allan Black, said: "This is the direct consequence of the coming together of Tarmac and Lafarge. Although change is inevitable, the potential loss of 500 jobs in Wolverhampton is an unacceptable by-product.

"We ask Tarmac and Lafarge to reconsider this decision which looks to be driven by asset stripping rather than any other grounds."

Chief executive of Tarmac, Terry Last, said: "We are currently consulting with employees on how the Tarmac/Lafarge joint venture will be structured once the regulatory process is complete.

"It would be inappropriate to comment publicly while these conversations with employees are still ongoing."

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