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Jobs blow confirmed at refinery

Thursday June 28th 2012

The fate of stricken Essex oil refinery Coryton was sealed on Tuesday after administrators confirmed the site will be converted into an import terminal after they failed to find a buyer to keep the plant going.

The refinery, which supplies 20% of fuel in London and the South East, will be closed over the next three months after PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) struck a deal to sell most of the assets.

A consortium comprising oil giant Shell, Royal Vopak and Greenergy will buy the site for alternative use after PwC abandoned hopes of finding a buyer for Coryton as a going concern after a five-month search.

PwC said there would be no change to the redundancy programme, with 180 out of around 850 staff and contractor jobs to be cut by the end of June and further redundancies planned from late July onwards.

Linda McCulloch, national officer of Unite, said it was "devastating news" for the workers, adding: "They feel they have been led up the garden path by the administrators and let down by the Government.

"This will have huge economic consequences, not just in the region, but on the UK economy and will undermine the refining industry."

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