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Job fears high for middle managers

Tuesday January 31st 2012

Middle managers play a "crucial role" but are the most likely to worry about losing their jobs, research has found.

According to a new survey, one in three middle managers worry that they will lose their jobs because of the economic downturn.

However, Ben Willmott of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, which carried out the study, said the work they do is often vital for their companies.

"Middle managers are often caught in the middle between delivering strategic objectives and managing under-pressure line managers. They can also be first in line when organisations look to reduce head count," said Mr Willmott.

Managing change, translating the objectives of senior managers into actions, and motivating others, are just some of the key parts that middle managers play.

The survey of more than 2,000 employees found that 21% of workers holding jobs with no managerial experience were worried about job security, and at senior level only 15% held the same fears.

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