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Jesus Christ in Richmond Park craze

Monday November 28th 2011

Footage of a man trying to helplessly rein in his pet Labrador as it chases deer in a London park has become a YouTube sensation.

The 47-second mobile phone clip filmed in Richmond Park has been watched over half a million times and shows the naughty dog ignore his owners shouts of "Benton" as it pursues a herd of deer.

The man, dressed in jeans and a beige coat, can be heard yelling "Jesus Christ" as more deer join the chase and run across the road making traffic come to a standstill.

It has now been watched 504,000 times and is called Jesus Christ in Richmond Park, which has become a popular topic on Twitter and other social media sites.

Spoof videos have also now been created, mocking up the incident with a scene from Jurassic Park where dinosaurs are being hounded by a T-Rex and another video shows stampeding wildebeest.

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