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Jeremy the snail finds love after appeal

Wednesday November 9th 2016

Two potential mates have been found for a "one in a million" garden snail with a rare left-spiralling shell.

Dr Angus Davison, from the University of Nottingham, launched an appeal to find a mate for the garden snail - named Jeremy- to discover more about the creature's genetics.

The common garden snail may appear like others to the naked eye, but he was dubbed a "one in a million find" as he is the mirror image of how other snails appear.

As Jeremy's shell spirals in an anti-clockwise direction he is unable to mate with snails whose shells spiral the opposite way.

Dr Davison asked for the public's help to find a mate for the lonely snail.

Following the #snaillove campaign on social media, two potential mates have come forward - one in Suffolk and another was saved by a restaurant worker who was scrubbing shells at a restaurant in Majorca.

Dr Davison has discovered a gene that determines whether a snail's shell twists in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.

The find could help understand how organs are placed in the human body.

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