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Japan honours cats with special day

Wednesday February 24th 2016

The Japanese people love their cats so much they even have a day dedicated to their purring pals.

This week they have been celebrating National Cat Day, with social media activity to the fore. The annual event's 30th edition saw countless people pay homage to their feline friends on Tuesday (February 22).

Photographs of moggies, cat-themed doughnuts, cat manga, cat-shaped biscuits and even owners dressing up as their cats have been posted. Businesses and retailers have also been getting in on the act by selling cat-themed goods.

The Asahi Shimbun newspaper sent a reporter to a Japanese cat cafe, where they told how customers can enjoy a snack and drink surrounded by pampered felines. The country's Disney arm made Cat Day "Marie Day" to honour one of its stars from The Aristocrats movie.

But why the date February 22? Apparently, the day's numbers resemble the sound a cat makes in Japanese.

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