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Jack Russell rescued from drainpipe

Wednesday August 17th 2016

A dog has been rescued by fire crews after becoming stuck while chasing a rabbit down a drainpipe.

Lily the tiny Jack Russell had to be dug out by firefighters from the eight-inch pipe after becoming trapped on farmland in Somerset.

The poor pup was stuck for hours before c rews from Wells, Glastonbury and Yeovil went to the four-year-old animal's rescue.

A spokesman for Devon and Somerset Fire Service said: "The pipe was full of mud and silt and crews tried to dig this out to free Lilly.

"We could not get far enough into the pipe to dig her out, so we tried using chimney rods to shift the mud.

"We then tried to gently persuade Lilly to come out by feeding a line through the length of the pipe with a bag attached, trying to gently force her out."

When that failed, firefighters had dig out the pipe and use a steel cutter to create a big enough gap for Lilly to climb out of.

The pooch is now recovering at home with her owners.

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