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It's good to talk digitally at home

Friday October 11th 2013

There is no need to shout in many UK households as new research shows nearly one in three families use their smartphones and tablets to communicate while at home.

A Microsoft Advertising poll has discovered that 30% of families use their mobile devices to inform other members that dinner is on the table or they need help with their homework.

It is another indication of how smartphones and tablets are becoming vital to everyday life and highlights the importance of taking out gadget insurance cover in case they are lost or damaged.

The Families study, carried out by the Sparkler research agency, shows 19% of families use social media to communicate at home, 17% use instant or text messaging and 9% make video calls.

The survey of 1,517 families' use of devices connected to the internet reveals brothers and sisters are more likely to communicate digitally than parents to their children.

Microsoft Advertising research manager Tim Lumb said texts, posts and video calls were mostly used for getting in touch with people who cannot be reached through more traditional forms of communication, but families are now using them for convenience in their homes.

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