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Is Maggie Britain's most unloved dog?

Thursday September 3rd 2015

Maggie the whippet-cross can lay claim to being Britain's most ignored dog.

No fewer than 50,000 prospective owners have overlooked Maggie since she arrived at the Serendipity Kennels home in Werrington, Stoke on Trent, 11 years ago.

The pooch has seen more than 5,000 chums from the Stoke on Trent kennels find a new loving family in that time.

No other dog has lived there longer than 13-year-old Maggie and many appeals to find her a new home have fallen on deaf ears.

Serendipity's veteran trustee Pat Lawton can remember when Maggie first came to the kennels with a mystery pin in her leg.

Ms Lawton says Maggie would be missed if new owners chose her, but describes the prospect as "absolutely wonderful" for the pooch herself.

She says that her colleagues have formed strong bonds with Maggie over the years, but the hunt goes on to find her suitable owners.

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