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Intuitive cats 'detect' rare cancer

Friday January 30th 2015

A cancer survivor claims she owes her life to her three cats.

Stephanie Doody was persuaded to see a doctor after her beloved moggies - Rennie, Dinky and Jaffy - repeatedly nudged her stomach.

The 55-year-old was diagnosed with a tumour on her appendix - a cancer that is so rare it is usually symptomless and normally goes undiscovered until it is too late - and recently underwent surgery to remove it.

Rennie, Dinky and Jaffy began acting strangely in February last year. They constantly followed Stephanie wherever she went, sitting on her lap poking at her abdomen and lying on her stomach while she slept.

In July, six months later, Stephanie noticed a small lump after losing some weight and went to visit her doctor. She underwent a life-saving, 12-hour operation in October and is now recovering at home.

The bizarre yet heart-warming story suggests our pets may have a sixth sense when it comes to detecting cancer. Just over a month ago a border collie named Ted "sniffed out" his owner's breast cancer.

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