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Internet 'driving puppy farms rise'

Tuesday September 13th 2011

Puppy farms, which breed dogs without concern for the welfare of the animals, are a growing problem because more people are buying pets over the internet, research suggests.

In a Kennel Club survey of more than 400 dog owners, nearly a third (29%) said they had bought their puppy either online, from a pet shop or a newspaper advert.

An even higher number - three in five - said they had never seen the puppy with its mother, and more than 50% had never seen the puppy in the place where it was bred and reared.

All of these methods of choosing and buying a dog are used by puppy farms, the organisation warned.

It has called for action to be taken against the "cruel" farms, where it says puppies are bred from overused mothers, and the welfare of the animals is neglected, often resulting in health and behavioural problems later.

Kennel Club secretary Caroline Kisko said: "Our worry is that in the future even more people will be fooled by puppy farmers, who hide behind the internet, being drawn in by the knockdown prices without being aware of the high cost that they will pay later."

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