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Internet devices a daily essential

Monday October 21st 2013

Internet and technology appear to be taking over our daily lives - an average of 34 times a day, according to new research.

A study from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), which analysed 700 hours' worth of footage - taken over three days - from consumers using FishEye cameras, revealed that more than half of smartphone (52%) users would turn to their device rather than having quiet time, and more than a third (37%) would check their phone during a break in conversation.

Furthermore, the average time spent on a internet-connected device totalled two hours and 12 minutes, while for 46% of this time participants were juggling one or more devices at a time - reinforcing the importance of gadget insurance to cover any potential floor-hitting accidents.

Some 44% said their smartphone makes their commute more enjoyable, and 17% had used the technology at hand to make or aid a purchase in the earlier two weeks.

IAB director of research and strategy Tim Elkington said: "One thing that stood out in the study was how surprised respondents were when told how frequently they'd looked at their phone, tablet or computer.

"We also saw a broad pattern in how people use their devices. The morning is about getting information such as weather and travel, the afternoon for undertaking specific tasks such as banking or paying bills, while the evening is focused on entertainment, including shopping."

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