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Interactive toys top list forecast

Friday July 26th 2013

Argos's Christmas list predictions are led by interactive and digital toys.

One is the new Furby which learns different orders the more the owner plays with it. Meanwhile, Disney's Sofia the First talking doll speaks when activated, and the Teksta Dog responds to both voice and touch.

Disney's Dusty is a plane controlled by remotes which fit over children's hands so that it moves with the user. More down to earth is Elmo Hugs from Sesame Street which asks for cuddles and sings lullabies.

Toys still popular are children's tablets, including the LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra and the latest VTech Innotab.

Lego's R2D2 from Star Wars and the new Monopoly Empire are the usual favourites which are predicted to sell well.

Play time should be inspirational as well as fun, said Argos chief toy buyer Andrea Abbis, who pointed out the caring skills being encouraged by the new Furby, and the Teksta which is "inspiring the next generation of vets".

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