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Innovative op helps cat breathe again

Wednesday March 30th 2016

A cat has undergone a life-saving operation to help him breathe properly again. Cambridgeshire vets opened Alan the Burmese's windpipe using a special metal alloy stent.

The £4,000, 30-minute operation underlines the value of Pet Insurance should unexpected surprises happen. The stent itself took only seconds to put in.

Ian Mills, 10-year-old Alan's Skipton-based owner in Yorkshire, says he is "delighted" that the cat is back home. Vets diagnosed an obstruction to Alan's trachea which prevented oxygen getting through and feared he could die without surgical intervention.

Some parts of his windpipe had shrunk to only 2mm. The vets employed interventional radiology's (IR) imaging procedures to direct a special mechanically woven wire-mesh tube into his windpipe.

This stent then re-formed into its former shape and opened up the pipe. Jon Wray, one of the vets, said that Alan's oxygen levels soon rose once the stent had opened.

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