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Injury warning over unsafe exercise

Thursday July 12th 2012

New research has shown many people in the UK are not taking enough measures to prevent injury while playing sport.

According to Arthritis Research UK and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP), many people across the country are putting themselves at risk of injury problems or joint problems such as osteoarthritis in later life due to their lack of safe practice while playing sport.

Just one in five people in the Active Age 2012 survey, which included 2,583 adults and 1,022 children, said they always warm up and cool down when exercising.

Almost a quarter (24%) admitted they never do any kind of warm up or cool down routine.

Of those who do not warm up, almost three in 10 (28%) said they "can't be bothered", while a similar amount (27%) admitted they felt it was "not important".

The research showed 74% of people who never warm up fail to do so because they have not been shown how to, while just 17% of people complete a warm up routine that "rehearses" the movements associated with the activity they are about to take part in.

The survey also covered the issue of time spent doing exercise and revealed some worrying results. According to the poll, just 5% of adults in the UK are doing the recommended amount of exercise on a weekly basis.

Although taking part in sport is vital to keen joints and muscles healthy, just over one in 10 (13%) of people said "joint health" was the main reason for exercising.

Greg Whyte, professor of sport and exercise science at Liverpool John Moores University and a former Olympic pentathlete said: "I'd like to urge everyone to do exercise on a daily basis, but ensure they do it safely to protect their joints and prevent long-term damage."

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