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Injury warning over summer of sport

Tuesday July 17th 2012

Although the summers sporting events will encourage lots of people to get off the sofa and do some exercise it could also lead to a rise in sports injuries as people fail to warm up and cool down properly.

The pain relief experts Deep Heat and Deep Freeze surveyed more than 1,000 25 to 65 year-olds from across the UK and found that many of them will be inspired by the Olympics to try out new sports or just start exercising.

However, the study also found that only two thirds of the respondents warm up properly before exercise and just one third perform cool down exercises afterwards, leaving many at risk from injury according to health experts.

The poll found that 26% of people who currently do no or little exercise think that the summer's sporting events will get them active and 40% of those who already exercise regularly said they might be inspired to try a new activity.

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