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'I'll buy home if you throw in cat'

Wednesday October 15th 2014

Homebuyers often expect carpets and curtains to be thrown in with the deal, but one family in Australia insisted on the cat as well.

Michael and Fran Perceval had been trying to sell their home in Melbourne at auction when the strange request was made.

One of the bidders had visited the house during an open event and their child became immediately attached to the cat which was lounging around, probably wondering what all the fuss was about.

The Percevals had joked that they might throw in the four-year-old ragdoll, called Tiffany, if an offer was made that matched their asking price, and they then had a decision to make when the $2.2 million deal was put on the table.

The amount meant the buyer was willing to pay $140,000 in order to ensure that the cat was included in the deal.

The Percevals' grown-up son, who owned Tiffany, was unhappy about the agreement at first but has since changed his mind.

Copyright Press Association 2014

Copyright Press Association 2014