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Ice cream parlour for dogs opens

Tuesday April 11th 2017

A new ice cream parlour catering specially for dogs with sweet teeth has opened in Mexico City.

The Don Paletto Parlour serves up a range of cones and lollies which are safe for both dogs and humans to enjoy.

Currently, there are two doggy flavours available, peanut butter with banana and apple with blueberry and honey, both of which were created under the supervision of a veterinary specialist.

The treats are made using natural yoghurt and lactobacilli bacteria, which aids digestion. Normal ice cream can cause pain and diarrhoea in dogs.

"To eat the same food every day must be pretty boring for them," customer Liliana told the Huffington Post. "I come (here) to pamper him a bit."

The RSPCA has previously warned owners of the risk of giving dogs ice cream which contains dairy. Canines can't digest lactose properly, meaning even just a small lick could leave them with an upset stomach.

It recommended that people who want to give their pet a cool treat make their own lollies using pet-friendly ingredients.

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