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Hull City Council to axe 1,400 jobs

Thursday January 6th 2011

Hull City Council has announced that it is looking to axe up to 1,400 jobs as part of an effort to cut its budget by more than £40 million.

The council said the cuts would have to be made following the announcement of a massive decrease in the resources it is set to receive from central Government.

And it invited city residents to look at and comment on a draft plan it has published to deal with the shortfall.

Although the Liberal Democrat-run council has said it will defend frontline services, opposition leaders in Hull said the claim was a "fairy story".

And some have claimed the city is in "total disarray".

Council leader, Liberal Democrat Carl Minns, introduced the plan by stressing the budget problems inherited by central Government and said: "In response, the Government is requiring every arm of the public sector to make substantial savings.

"In Hull this will amount to around £40 million (plus redundancy costs) this year."

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