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How an old dog's last ride went viral

Tuesday November 17th 2015

A dog owner has shared a happy memory of her old pooch's final car trip with hundreds of thousands of people on social media.

Florida-based Nicole Alderman posted the warming picture of 15-year-old Libra, who is seen shortly before passing on.

Ms Alderman says sharing the photo two years after her dog died has helped her come to terms with her loss. Around 300,000 social media followers have viewed Libra's last ride on Imgur.

It has also been re-posted on Reddit, a site on which many other canine lovers offer their commiserations. Ms Alderman had the dog since she was a child, but the pet became very ill, including incontinence and seizure problems.

Ms Alderman's family decided the time was right to have the dog put down. She says Libra knew her time was up and felt "happy" and "peaceful".

The picture shows Libra tilting her face and shutting her eyes, apparently taking in breezes from a wound down window. She looks frail in the photo with a grey coat and nose wrinkles.

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