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How GPS tracker could save your pet

Thursday October 9th 2014

An Australian cat lover whose beloved tabby was tragically found dead after going missing has been inspired to create a GPS pet tracker.

Sebastion Langton's Pod is believed to be the smallest, lightest and most waterproof of its kind anywhere in the world.

He says that he was "distraught" when Rango went missing, but he hopes that his 29-gram invention will help to spare other pet owners going through a similar ordeal.

Mr Langton said that while the Pod might not have saved Rango, it would almost certainly have helped him to track down his pet.

The Pod was launched with the help of an online crowd-funding campaign organised by Mr Langton and his partner Damien Cantelo.

And the pair are now aiming to begin production in good time for Christmas so that animal lovers everywhere can look forward to a great new stocking filler - and extra peace of mind.

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Copyright Press Association 2014

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