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Hotel Cat offers the purr-fect break

Tuesday December 2nd 2014

Indulgent owners are booking breaks for their pets at one of Britain's most luxurious cat hotels.

Feline guests staying at the new Hotel Cat can relax in themed rooms, stay in touch with their owners via Skype and tuck into king prawn and salmon banquets.

Although cat lovers have to fork out £250 per week for their pet to stay at the seven-room hotel, the Ferrier family have been flooded with inquiries since opening in early November.

Jackie Ferrier, who runs the hotel with husband Tim and children James, 18, and Lucy, 16, says it is proving popular, with a waiting list for Christmas and bookings well into 2015.

The Ferriers created the five-star hotel after transforming a barn near their home in the New Forest.

One of its rooms has been designed with a Moulin Rouge theme, while another is known as the Royal Mews.

And the animals staying there can expect elaborate toys, walls and trees to climb on, rooms with TVs and cat-friendly DVDs and their own private chauffeurs, meaning they could very well be enjoying a more luxurious week than their owners.

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