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Hot weather 'may put dogs at risk'

Tuesday June 28th 2011

Dog owners have been urged to be extra vigilant in hot weather as heatstrokes can easily kill pets.

Dogs Trust sounded an alert against practices like locking dogs in cars as the weather could suddenly warm up and the temperature inside the car may rise to dangerous levels for the animal.

The dog welfare charity also advised pet owners to walk their animals in the morning and evening when the air is cooler.

Breeds like hairy hounds can have their fur clipped. Canine sun cream can be applied on their body parts such as nose, ear and belly which are most likely to burn. But human sun cream should not be applied on animals as they can be toxic, the charity said.

Overweight and short-nosed dogs are more vulnerable to overheating. Extra care should be given to older animals as well, Dogs Trust said.

If the animals show signs of suffocation or heatstroke, the owners need to wet them thoroughly with cool, not iced, water. Their head and body should be exposed to cool air using a portable fan.

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