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Honour for blizzard rescue dog hero

Wednesday May 18th 2016

A Scotland-based rescue dog is being honoured for his part in saving the life of a woman badly injured in a blizzard. The PDSA is commending Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue Team's (TVMRT) Rauour after sniffing out the woman in a forest near Innerleithen in the Borders during January of last year.

The three-year-old Labrador is the 88th pet to receive such an honour from the vet charity, the BBC reports. The rescue team's efforts to find the missing person were hampered by blizzard conditions.

At "considerable risk" they set out in elements warranting an amber weather alert from the Met Office. Leithen Water was where the dog unearthed the trapped casualty, with only her legs protruding from the hole of a tree root.

Hypothermia had already taken a firm grip on the unconscious woman's body and she needed to be airlifted to hospital by a Royal Navy helicopter. Rauour - Icelandic for "red" - will receive the award at the Melrose-based TVMRT HQ this week.

John Romanes, the dog's handler, says the pooch's detection skills outdid anything the 20-strong team put together could achieve that night. He thinks the outcome may have been extremely different had Rauour not been there.

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