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Honey's just what the doctor ordered

Friday June 13th 2014

A mischievous Labrador retriever cross has found a permanent home with Holby City star Jules Knight.

Classical singer Jules, once a member of the opera-singing boy band Blake, plays the part of Doctor Harry Tressler in the long-running BBC show. He fostered the dog, named Honey, at first but has now decided to keep her for good.

Jules, who lives in south-west London with his girlfriend Jo Renwick, says Honey has settled in well but she has had one or two telling offs as she chews TV cables and she got ink on the carpet when she got hold of a permanent marker.

Honey came from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, from which several other celebrities got their dogs, including presenter Paul O'Grady and Jules' fellow Holby City cast member Amanda Mealing.

Jules said he has always liked big dogs and once had a retriever who was excellent at catching. He said Honey is nowhere near as good at it but she is great at snuggling and gives plenty of love. Owners often show their love for their dogs by arranging Pet Insurance.

Jules is urging anyone who wants a dog or cat to get in touch with the Battersea home.

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