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Honeymoon cancelled to save pet dog

Tuesday October 9th 2012

A British couple of have cancelled their dream honeymoon to Las Vegas and used the money to pay for cancer treatment for their American Bulldog, Teeto.

Claire and Ceri Morgan had saved up for the £7,500 luxury trip and were all set to jet off when they were told their beloved pet had cancer and needed £5,000 of treatment.

Without any hesitation the couple, from Morriston, South Wales, cancelled their holiday and spent the money on treatment for Teeto, who had to have his right leg amputated and undergo a course of chemotherapy.

Clare, 26, said: "We told the vet that it didn't matter about the money, just do whatever it takes to make him better.

"We can go on honeymoon again when we've saved up, but a dog is for life and we want Teeto around for a lot longer."

After Teeto's leg had been amputated he underwent six courses of chemotherapy - each costing £400 - at a centre in Bristol, 80 miles from his home.

The couple said that the total cost of his treatment and aftercare will be around £5,000.

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