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Homes sought for orphaned pups

Wednesday February 16th 2011

An animal charity is banking on the England rugby team's recent success to find homes for a pack of orphaned puppies named after the players.

The six-week-old pooches were brought to a Blue Cross centre in Kimpton, Hertfordshire, after their mother died when she was knocked down by a vehicle.

The boxer-cross puppies - Johnno, Tindall, Ashton, Flood, Wilko, Foden, Easter, Sheridan, Hartley and Haskell - are all named after England's rugby union squad, which recently won against Wales in the Six Nations.

"These pups are such little bruisers that it seemed perfect to name them after rugby players," said Emma Pannell, the centre's deputy manager.

"Like many rugby players, these puppies are going to be big and boisterous so they'd like a home where they can run around."

Those interested in taking home one of the puppies should get in touch with the Blue Cross in Hertfordshire on 0300 790 9903.

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