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Homes sought for abandoned Staffies

Monday January 17th 2011

A council is looking for experienced pet owners to take on six abandoned Staffordshire Bull Terriers who face death unless new homes are found for them.

Brighton and Hove City Council's animal welfare staff found the dogs from various parts of the city during the festive period.

The two males and four females are currently housed in kennels, but face being put down at the end of the week if no one comes forward to offer them a home.

Staffies are often associated with violent behaviour and unfriendliness, but council officials say with the right training they can make loyal companions well worth their Pet Insurance cover.

Councillor Geoffrey Theobald said: "They are lovely, loyal and affectionate dogs. But they do need to go to experienced owners who will not allow them to dominate the household.

"We're still hoping some of our residents come forward to offer homes for these dogs."

Senior animal welfare officer Sue Watson said: "In the past we have searched all over the country to find potential homes, but have ended up having to put them to sleep.

"We desperately don't want this to happen to these dogs, but it's not viable, either financially or for the well-being of the dog, to keep them in kennels for longer than a month."

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