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Homeless households on the rise

Wednesday August 1st 2012

The number of 'homeless households' in England has jumped by more than a quarter in the last three years but spending on tackling homelessness has fallen, according to new figures from data expert SSentif.

Some 50,290 families and individuals were classed as homeless in 2011/12, compared with 40,020 who were in need of emergency accommodation in 2009/10.

A total of 6,130 more households in England were left homeless in 2011/12 - a rise of almost 14% on the previous year.

However, spending on tackling homelessness is down £13.9 million from 2009/10, now standing at £213.7 million.

Local housing authorities have a legal obligation to provide emergency accommodation for "priority need" groups left without a home.

These groups include households with dependent children, pregnant women, vulnerable people with a mental illness or physical disability, victims of domestic violence and people left without homes due to a disaster such as fire or flooding.

People aged 16 or 17 and 18 to 20-year-olds who were previously in care; people left vulnerable as a result of time spent in care, in custody, or the armed forces, and those who have fled their homes because of violence or the threat of violence can also apply for "priority care".

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