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Home wanted for cat with no nose

Friday July 8th 2016

Pet lovers are said to be ignoring Dave the cat at a Somerset re-homing centre because he has no nose.

Bath Cats and Dogs Home staff say that no one can see past the 14-year-old moggy's nose... or lack of it. The front of his snout was removed due to a tumour.

The cattery took Dave in after his elderly owner had to move into a home. The surgery has had no impact on the cat and he has no need for specialist care, staff say.

But the centre's Rachel Jones says that would-be owners are judging him on his "odd" looks rather than his "beautiful" personality. She says the "very loving" animal just wants a tranquil "retirement home" to peacefully live out his last years.

The charity is based in Claverton Down's The Avenue and tries to find forever homes for cats, dogs and smaller animals in the north-east Somerset area.

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