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Home at last for 'world's saddest dog'

Wednesday November 4th 2015

A pitiful photograph which tugged at the world's heartstrings has finally won the "world's saddest dog" a home.

One-year-old Lana won the unfortunate accolade after a picture of her looking unhappy went viral, attracting thousands of viewers.

Mighty Mutts, a dog training centre based in Toronto, Canada, used social media to advertise for a home for the Labrador mix.

As a rescue puppy, Lana was taken back to a pet shelter after snapping at her adoptive family's mother. This made Lana depressed and she even turned down walks when offered at the shelter.

It was as if her entire world had closed down, explained the animal shelter's workers. But she has been full of joy once more and shed her shyness after finding a new home - thanks to the glum picture.

Lana is very possessive about her food, according to Mighty Mutts. She has started new training methods to help her overcome this.

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