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Holyrood set for first dog of the year contest

Monday May 8th 2017

Politicians in Scotland are today (May 8) gathering for the first ever Holyrood dog of the year competition.

The pooches participating will face an agility course, formal judging and a public vote, with the event expected to involve around 20 Members of the Scottish Parliament.

The launch of today's contest follows the popularity of a similar event south of the border in Westminster.

With the Kennel Club and the Dogs Trust both throwing their weight behind the contest, it will aim to raise awareness of issues like puppy trafficking and responsible ownership.

Along with dogs owned by MSPs, the event will include rescue dogs which are being looked after by the Dogs Trust.

The SNP MSP Tom Arthur and his pug Mi-Mi are among those taking part, with the politician saying the dog has "successfully negotiated designated doggy space in the middle of the bed".

Green MSP Andy Wightman and his border collie Coire will also be in attendance, after previously climbing 54 Munros together.

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