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'High demand' for PlayStation 4

Wednesday September 11th 2013

After a Sony PlayStation 4? Better get shopping - high demand for the Japanese firm's new console has prompted fears of a shortage of them at Christmas.

Sony's £349 console, which goes on sale in the UK in November, will be cheaper than the Xbox One and has gained favourable pre-sale reviews from tech sites.

But British retailers have halted pre-orders of the fourth-generation console due to a high level of interest in the machine.

Stores such as Asda and Amazon said they could not promise availability on the release date - November 29 - while Toys R Us said pre-orders had sold out and Tesco was not listing the device.

The PlayStation 4 will go on sale in the US on November 15 but will not go on sale in Japan until February 22nd, some three months after its European and US releases.

Stuart Miles, founder of the gadget website Pocket Lint, said it looked as though Sony was staggering release dates to cope with demand.

"It looks like demand is so high that they can't make enough of them to service the home market," he said.

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