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Heroic guide dog saves blind owner

Thursday June 11th 2015

A guide dog is recovering at a veterinary hospital in the US after bravely putting its life on the line to save his owner.

Figo threw himself in front of a school bus to protect Audrey Stone, 62, as they were crossing the street in a New York suburb.

Despite his own injuries, the golden retriever refused to leave her side as paramedics treated them at the roadside.

John Del Gardo, Brewster Police Chief, says the dog took a lot of the blow from the bus.

Ms Stone suffered a broken ankle, elbow and ribs in the incident, as well as a head wound. It could have been a lot worse were it not for the heroic actions of Figo. She claims her pet deserves to receive the Purple Heart.

Figo has undergone surgery for an injury to his leg, which remains in a splint. He will remain at a veterinary hospital in Danbury, Connecticut, until Ms Stone is well enough to leave hospital and return home.

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