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Hero dog saves young boy trapped in tumble dryer

Tuesday November 15th 2016

A family dog has been hailed a hero for saving a young boy trapped in a tumble dryer.

Riley Gedge-Duffy, five, suffered burns to his arms, back and head when the machine automatically started with the boy, who has Down's syndrome, stuck inside.

His father Aaron Duffy says the family pet, Teddy - a cockapoo - raised the alarm by barking at his wife.

The 42-year-old said: "My wife was upstairs Hoovering at the time and the dog ran upstairs and basically went berserk so she knew something was not right.

"When she went downstairs she saw our older son watching TV and asked 'where's Riley?'

"The dog was barking like mad and running backwards and forwards to the tumble dryer but because it was so dark inside, she could not see where Riley was.

"They could hear banging and crashing and could see his iPad going round and round. We suspect he was inside for a couple of minutes.

Mrs Duffy pulled Riley out and poured cold water over him before calling an ambulance.

The accident happened at the family home in Bangor, Co Down, Northern Ireland, on Sunday.

Riley is currently receiving treatment but is recovering.

It is the second time heroic Teddy has warned of danger in the last two months.

"The dog alerted us that an iPhone charger was catching fire," said Mr Duffy.

"She's a brilliant dog, it is amazing."

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