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Hero dog saves owner's life

Wednesday August 3rd 2016

A hero dog in New Jersey saved its owner's life by attracting the attention of passers-by as she lay unconscious.

The pup's owner had collapsed and been lying unconscious in her home for several days.

The brave dog alerted the attention of two women who were walking past the house by barking and breaking a pane of glass in the front door with its paws.

Police officers then entered the home, where they found the woman unconscious.

S he was taken to hospital for treatment by the emergency services.

The dog suffered a minor injury to one of its paws but was otherwise in a healthy condition.

Northvale Police Chief William Essmann said: "We believe that the dog inside the home heard the two women talking as they walked past the home and broke the glass with its paws in an attempt to get their attention, which led to their owner being rescued."

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