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Hero dog Gypsie raised fire alarm

Monday July 29th 2013

A dog has been given a special award for her heroic efforts to warn her owners of a fire in their Romford home.

Gypsie, a Staffordshire bull terrier, was awarded the hero pet dog prize at the Dogs Trust Honours this week at Home House in London.

The heroic dog raised the alarm when a faulty running machine caught fire. Her owner, Nicky Hoad, said Gypsie was not only her best friend but also her guardian angel. She said she doesn't know what would have happened if Gypsie had not alerted her so quickly.

Dog owners like to make sure their animals are protected by Pet Insurance, but sometimes it is the dogs themselves that are the real protectors. Dogs Trust's chief executive Clarissa Baldwin said the organisation has been singing the praises of dogs and the important roles they play in people's lives for the last six years.

She said it is important to reward them for their loyalty. There have been many tales of heroics this year and she said she was delighted to meet the dogs and give them a deserved pat on the back.

Other awards were given for hero service dog, dogs' best friend and "pawfect" company.

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