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'Hero' cat saves owner's son

Wednesday September 2nd 2015

Opie the cat got in the way of a stray bullet bound for his owner's sleeping three-year-old son. Angelica Sipe says her ginger moggy is her hero after the incident on Thursday August 27.

Vets gave her the choice between putting down wounded Opie or having surgery performed on him. Ms Sipe, from the Pennsylvanian city of York, chose the latter after the cat saved her toddler Daemire's life.

The projectile is thought to have bounced off a bedroom pillow and then nearly hit the child. Vets think Opie will pull through after being fitted out with bandages and drainage tubes.

His vet bills so far stand at more than £654. But Opie's plight has touched the public and GoFundMe had already raised over £1,243 by Monday August 31.

Ms Sipe says she immediately checked on her son after hearing the gunshot. She found Daemire fast asleep before realising that Opie had been hit.

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