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'Hero' Molls vying for Crufts award

Thursday February 20th 2014

Cocker spaniel Molls has been nominated for a Crufts trophy for her work in supporting 11-year-old diabetes sufferer Steven Courtney.

Steven was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of three, and family pet Molls appeared to show an extra interest when the boy was experiencing symptoms of low blood sugar.

After contacting the Medical Detection Dog charity for extra training, Molls can now detect when Steven's blood sugar levels rise or fall, easing the worries of Steven's mum, Serena Courtney, 40.

She said: "It was so much more stressful before. I was just desperately trying to see what was going to happen to Steven. Obviously we wanted to try and keep his levels as good as we can.

"It's amazing what Molls has done. She can tell what's wrong when we can't and she's alert in the night which is a big thing for us. She also picks up rapid changes when Steven plays football and games don't get interrupted so much!"

Steven, from Bicester, Oxfordshire, said of Molls: "She's helped me be more confident because I'm not worrying about my diabetes."

Four others hero dogs are in the running for the Crufts 2014 Friends for Life award, which will be decided by public vote.

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