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Hero Henry is top dog at awards

Friday November 28th 2014

A life-saving deaf springer spaniel has won the 2014 Animal Hero of the Year award.

Henry can detect when the blood sugar level of his diabetic owner Julie Barrett is running low and he raised the alarm when she suffered septicaemia, saving her life.

Julie adopted Henry after he was rescued from a life of cruelty at the hands of his previous owner. As well as looking after his new owner, Henry is a Deaf Dog Network ambassador and even understands sign language. People who rely on dogs like Henry can cover them with a good Pet Insurance" href=>Pet Insurance policy.

He was the star of the show at the Animal Hero Awards ceremony at Grosvenor House in London. The RSPCA and Daily Mirror event was hosted by TV personality Amanda Holden and the likes of Paul O'Grady, Helen Worth and Samia Ghadie were in the audience.

The Celebrity Supporter Award was presented to RSPCA vice-president Brian May. He says animals have a huge impact on people's lives and described the awards as an inspiration to him.

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