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Help for homeless pet owners

Wednesday December 14th 2016

Homeless pet owners in Scotland are getting a helping hand from charity to look after their animals this Christmas.

The idea to try to help pet owners who are on the streets or vulnerable in some other way came from a veterinary student at Edinburgh University.

Jamie-Leigh Thompson, a final-year student, said she had contributed to similar schemes elsewhere and thought it would be worth trying a similar thing at the University of Edinburgh's Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies.

Pet owners can get a special backpack stuffed warm winter clothes, first aid materials, basic toiletries, food items and pet supplies. All they have to do is pop into the All4Paws veterinary clinic in the city.

Students at Edinburgh volunteered to fill 62 bags, with the goodies provided by pet food supplier Royal Canin. Bags are being delivered to those unable to get out of the house.

Jamie-Leigh said: "I just wanted to try something that will help pet owners in need. The enthusiasm of the school and generosity has completely astonished me."

Professor Susan Rhind, director of veterinary teaching at the vet school, said: "This is a tremendous student-led project to support those less fortunate and their pets. We are proud of their inspiring kindness and pro-activity."

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