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Hearing dog foils attempted car break-in

Thursday October 22nd 2015

A dog has been given the credit for protecting his deaf owner from a car thief.

The robber emerged from bushes and attempted to break into Northampton-based Matthew Lunney's vehicle. But Joe, Mr Lunney's golden retriever, barked furiously causing the man to flee.

These actions in September last year have won the dog a place on the shortlist for Specsavers Heroic Partnership of the Year award. This is part of the Hearing Dog Awards at London's One Marylebone venue.

Mr Lunney, 37, says he is extremely proud of Joe after realising that the intruder would have broken into his vehicle had the dog not been there listening for him. He calls Joe his "loyal" protector and ears.

The dog has been trained to alert Mr Lunney to fire alarms, telephones, doorbells, alarm clocks and other key sounds.

The awards, which are hosted by Esther Rantzen and honour heroic deeds of bravery, are being staged on November 4.

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