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Harry's longevity takes the biscuit

Wednesday September 17th 2014

At the ripe old age of 10 Harry the rabbit could well be the oldest and healthiest bunny in Birmingham.

Rabbits that live outside usually live between six and eight years but Harry is now thought to be 80 in human years and his owner, Gaynor Regan, says the reason for his long life could be that he enjoys one custard cream biscuit a day.

Harry gets plenty of exercise playing with Gaynor and her 25-year-old daughter Emily's other pets, a dog and seven ducks, at their home in Kings Heath.

He has regular check-ups at the local vets where clinical director David Hough says Harry is the oldest rabbit he has ever come across.

Mr Hough says Harry is still an inquisitive rabbit, he has a good social life, he is kept clean and his owners have Pet Insurance so he gets the best treatment whenever he does have any health problems.

He said he would never prescribe feeding rabbits custard creams but it could be the reason why he has lived so long.

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