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Hampshire pet owners face new dog walking limit

Tuesday May 2nd 2017

People in a Hampshire town could face fines if they're found to be walking more than four dogs at the same time.

That's because new rules came into force in Gosport yesterday (May 1), which seek to address dog mess and animals which are poorly controlled.

The BBC reports that under the previous regulations, Gosport Borough Council allowed people to walk as many as six dogs. However, a new Public Spaces Protection Order has now scaled this back to four.

Oxford is among the places where similar curbs on dog walkers have been put in place.

Councillor Graham Burgess said the local authority feels the changes are required because Gosport is a densely-populated area.

And local resident Jenny Brown told the BBC: "I'm pleased this has come into focus. I've had so many problems when encountering larger groups of dogs."

But other people are less upbeat regarding the changes, including professional dog walkers who could now run the risk of fines.

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