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Trick, Treat or nasty bite?

Friday October 29th 2010 a leading provider of pet insurance is issuing a warning to the 8 million UK dog owners * as Halloween approaches. If your dog bites a child who comes to the door, you will wish you had never opened it, as an expensive claim could be the end result.

Barbara Russell, Head of Marketing for says "People think that dog attacks involve dangerous breeds, but the reality proves otherwise as there were 107,030 injuries involving dogs biting people in the UK during 2009.i No matter how well trained a dog is, owners should remember that dogs, unlike cats, are deemed property, which means owners are liable for any damage they cause."

In the week leading up to Halloween, many people are plagued by the constant knock at the door from children and teenagers demanding 'treats'. Barbara Russell adds "People are nervous and their dogs pick up on this. Of course a dog will naturally protect its owner and if not kept under control a frightened dog may lash out."

Helpucover customer, Suzie Friend from Radlett says "My dog is small but I know he will do anything to protect me, even giving someone a nasty nip. At Halloween, I feel I have to answer the door to Trick or Treaters. I'm afraid if I don't, they could damage my house or car. It's very distressing. My dog can be unpredictable and that's why he's covered if he does bite someone or worse still causes a road accident."

As owners are liable for their dogs, all Pet Insurance policies include third party liability cover and legal costs. Dog owners should check that their pet insurance policies include this feature. For as little as £14.77 month, a helpucover policy will pay up to £1 million in third party damages if an accident occurs. So you can protect your dog and your pocket.


Dog injury facts:
 More than 100 victims of dog bites were admitted to hospital each week last year, an increase of 66% compared to the period 1998-1999 ii
 5,221 people were treated in England last year for injuries received in attacks by dogs compared with 3,137 ten years ago iii
 1,250 were child victims including many babies and toddlers iv
 The risk of dog bites is highest in boys aged five to nine years old v

For media enquiries, please contact: (Cardif Pinnacle)
Barbara Russell - Head of Marketing
07887 748883

Sarah Potter - Communications Manager 07833 095594
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Notes to Editors

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*RSPCA 2010 statistics
i - Hospital Episode Statistics - Dog bites in the home treated at UK hospitals. A UK national estimate was calculated for each incident by using the sample cases and National Multipliers specified by the DTI
ii - Hospital Episode Statistics
iii - Hospital Episode Statistics
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