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'Real' men get their dogs neutered

Monday February 7th 2011, an independent provider of pet insurance believes that the male ego could be partly to blame for the increasing number of unwanted pets in 2010. Based on the database, only 30% of the male dogs registered to male owners are neutered.

In December 2010, the RSPCA experienced its busiest month on record with twice the usual number of admissions;* many of them abandoned dogs and cats. With more dogs being abandoned, helpucover is calling for men to overcome their insecurities and stop passing them on to their dogs!

Barbara Russell, Head of Marketing for helpucover said "People need to realise the consequences of not neutering an animal and overcome any issues they may have about a dog's masculinity disappearing if it is castrated. Sadly, some people show reluctance when it comes to getting their dog neutered. Men can take it quite personally, as though it reflects on their own masculinity."

Dr Eric Jackson, a vet with over thirty years experience says "Male dogs out walking will pick up and follow the scent of bitches in season. This can lead to distressing "wailing" and escape even from secure gardens. Dogs in search of mates are unaware of traffic lights and fast cars and are much more likely to be involved in a serious road accident. Not neutering your dog is selfish unless you are specifically going to breed from him. Real men get their dogs neutered."

Billy a two year old Jack Russell owned by Adrian has not been neutered and nor is he likely to be. Owner Adrian says "I don't want to get him done; He is already not that macho and if I get him done he might get fat and lose his bounce. It's not a nice thought, doing that, I wouldn't like it done to me!" Although Adrian insists he is a responsible dog owner Billy has run off to go hunting and Adrian thinks it might not be to just find rabbits. Adrian is not alone. Until more male pet owners can be persuaded otherwise the number of unwanted dogs will not reduce. has launched a pet forum - all dog owners are invited to send in their thoughts, hints or tips about neutering…... Anyone who contacts the forum is entered into a prize draw to win a year's supply of pet food **.

The facts
* In 2010 there were around 8 million dogs in the UK – Pet Food Manufacturers Association Jan 2011
* 45.7% of households in the UK own a dog – Data monitor Industry Insight Interviews 2009
* In 2009, the RSPCA neutered 87,189 abandoned dogs - RSPCA 2010
* In December 2010 the RSPCA received 2,112 calls about abandoned animals - RSPCA Jan 2011
* The risk of testicular cancer is completely removed by neutering - Celiah Hammond Animal charity 2011

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*RSPCA Press release Jan 2011
** Maximum value £500 – Terms and Conditions apply – please visit website

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