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Pet food with portion tips on how to slim down the fat cats

Friday November 12th 2010

Pet food packs are to come with advice on portion sizes in an effort to tackle rising obesity in dogs and cats.

Just as the British are the fattest people in Europe, so our pets are becoming dangerously overweight, with all the associated health problems.

Vets even claim these animals suffer the same psychological problems that fat humans have to cope with, such as low confidence.

Recent research found 36 per cent of dogs and 29 per cent of cats treated by vets were obese.

Morrisons is to print the portion control information in a UK first.

John Cannan, the supermarket's product development manager for pet food, said: 'We've had feedback from our customers which says that they are often in the dark about how much food they should be buying and giving their pet.'

Barbara Russell, of pet insurance firm, said: 'For a dog, one small chocolate chip biscuit is equivalent to an entire family size chocolate bar and one slice of toast equals one cheese burger.'

'For a cat, one saucer of milk is equal to four cheese burgers. We are killing out pets with kindness.'

Veterinary surgeon Dr Eric Jackson added: 'A small dog needs at least 30 minutes exercise a day and a larger dog needs more.

'Pets are being assigned to daytime TV rather than physical activity, which leads to depression.'

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