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Is this the country's most spoilt dog?

Tuesday February 1st 2011

Albert is no ordinary dog. His pampered lifestyle has caught the eye of leading pet insurer; who is asking the nation "Is Albert this country's most spoilt dog?" Albert is a six year old pug from North London, owned by Shilpa Patel, 48.

Each morning Albert is coaxed gently awake to his breakfast of Goat's milk and Weetabix served in a fine white porcelain bowl, decorated with his own beautiful face. After breakfast, Albert is washed and receives a fine spray of organic baby cologne, flown to him from his 'aunt' in Miami. Nothing except pure organic products touches Albert's skin or passes his lips.

Once dressed in his Hurrta Coat, Cashmere scarf and Gold (22 carat) charm necklace, Albert travels to work with his 'Mother', Mrs Patel. Staff feed him handmade 'Yorkshire pudding and beef' flavour organic biscuits from Harrods and walk him in London's Hyde Park. Twice a week Albert visits the Hydrotherapy Centre where he enjoys swimming, treadmill exercise followed by massage and bath.

After a hard day at the office, Albert travels home to dinner of organic chicken and carrots, with wholemeal rice or fillet of organic cod with broccoli (all freshly cooked of course). Then to bed, (king size) where he lies tucked up under his French cotton cellular blanket, in the middle of Egyptian cotton sheets while his owner lays on the edge, listening to his monumental snoring.

Ms Patel says "My family and friends think I am a mad eccentric when it comes to Albert, and the answer to that is, yes, I certainly am."

Eric Jackson, veterinary surgeon with over thirty years experience says "Whilst this is an amusing story it also carries a serious message. Albert is in danger of losing his identity. It is important to realise that dogs are dogs and not child substitutes. To ensure a good quality of life we should unselfishly consider the animal welfare needs of our pet and not impose our own values. Pampered pets are unlikely to register disapproval of their treatment. We should always consider the possible physical and psychological damage before imposing a wholly inappropriate feeding and care routines on our pets. Always remember that dogs deserve a dog's life!" has launched a pet forum - all dog owners are invited to send in their dog stories, hints or tips for coping with a stressed or eccentric dog. Anyone who contacts the forum is entered into a prize draw to win a year's supply of pet food *.

Helpucover also want to hear from anyone who knows of a more spoilt dog than Albert (if there is one).


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