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Guy "Fraught" Night for the nation's pets

Monday November 1st 2010, a leading independent provider of Lifetime Pet insurance is calling for pet owners to protect their four - legged friends as November 5th approaches.
It's estimated that 45 per cent of dogs in the UK, (more than three million) are likely to demonstrate fearful behaviour when they hear fireworks.*
Dr Eric Jackson, Veterinary Adviser to says "During the course of my thirty year career I have seen or heard of too many pets injured as a result of fireworks, simply because owners fail to keep their pets confined to the home. You can tell an animal is stressed if it dashes about from place to place, panting and shaking. This is when accidents can happen. Pets are most likely to injure themselves, run away or cause an accident to someone else."
More than 6.2% of the claims received by throughout 2009 were for dogs having accidents and with an average cost to treat of £335.89 in these tough times it takes a large bite out of your family budget.

Many pet owners also do not realise that if their dog injures someone or causes an accident, they could be sued for damages as their dogs are considered their property which they are required by law to keep under control. With more than 100 victims of dog bites admitted to hospital each week last year, an increase of 66% compared to the period 1998-1999 it's a risk most people cannot afford to ignore.

Bonfire night is a time for families but if an animal does bite, it is children that are most at risk. 1,250 children were bitten last year alone including many babies and toddlers and the risk of dog bites is highest in boys aged five to nine years old

Dr Jackson for continues "Pet owners need to ensure their four-legged friends are safeguarded for the evening and also adequately insured in case of injury or if they get lost, and to protect against any damage or harm caused by their pet. A frightened dog can bite or behave unpredictably. It can be overwhelmed by the noise and excitement, particularly in a house full of people and children."
Top tips recommended by helpucover to reduce pet stress on November 5th:-

- Provide a 'den' area, in the middle of the house, sound proofed as much as possible, which enables the pet to pack itself into as tight a spot as possible
- Fasten all doors and windows and draw the curtains to keep your pets as safe as possible during fireworks.
- Ignore your cat or dog if they try to hide, trying to tempt them out could cause more stress.
- Pets have sensitive ears, so play music or switch on the television to drown out as much noise from fireworks as possible.
- Make sure your dog or cat has a collar or tag, in case they run away.
- Exercise your dog well during the day to ensure it is tired and ready to sleep in the evening.
- Small pets living outside must also not be forgotten - rabbits and guinea pigs can become very stressed by loud noises. Bring them indoors or into the garden shed. want to hear from all pet owners with their tips for helping pets cope with the stress of fireworks and loud noises. Please visit and send in your stories and a picture of your pet. All responses will automatically be entered into a prize draw to win a year's supply of pet food!

A helpucover pet policy provides all the cover you need on Bonfire Night. All dog insurance policies include third party liability cover and legal costs. For as little as £14.77 per month, will pay out up to one million pounds in damages if your dog injures another person or causes an accident. Dog owners should check that their pet insurance policies include this feature. It will also pay up to £6,000 for injuries to the insured pet and £500 to help you find your pet if it runs away or gets lost, as, sadly, happens to many dogs on firework night.

Dog injury facts:
- 107,030 incidents of injuries involving dogs in the UK during 2009
- More than 100 victims of dog bites were admitted to hospital each week last year, an increase of 66% compared to the period 1998-1999
- 5,221 people were treated in England last year for injuries received in attacks by dogs compared with 3,137 ten years ago 1,250 were child victims including many babies and toddlers
- These incidences were responsible for 4,699 episodes of admitted patient care, accounting for 9,808 occupied bed days
- The risk of dog bites is highest in boys aged five to nine years old


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