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Hoorah! The return to 'family' life

Thursday April 14th 2011

Press Release

April 12 2011

Hoorah! The return to ‘family’ life

The rising cost of living coupled with an uncertain UK economic forecast are shifting our priorities back to the simpler things in life claims insurance provider  As the belt tightening continues, spending quality time at home with our families is more important to us than going out and socialising. 1 Weary Brits are reverting to cost cutting and finding pleasure in activities within the home in a bid to avoid more debt 2. 61% of us admit we are going out less and 69% of us say we have less disposable income.  However, 15% of us now say we prefer to stay at home and entertain 3.

After buying the basics, there’s little left to spend on going out.  With UK food inflation at 6.3% coupled with soaring fuel costs, many people have to stop visiting friends, as commuting is a priority 5. However, all is not lost, resilient Brits are fighting back!

According to helpucover, insurance provider of mortgage insurance and income protection, its research shows that the economic gloom is actually bringing people together and we are rediscovering the joys of being at home, just as our parents and grandparents enjoyed in the fifties. 

Here are just some of the activities that have seen a surge in popularity in recent months:-

  • Playing Board games – sales of Dominoes, Chess and Backgammon increased by 150% in the lead up to last Christmas 6.

  • Knitting - needle sales are up by 7% 7

  • Needlework – sewing machine sales are up a staggering 34% 8

  • Gardening and growing our own veg – sales of fruit trees were up 68% in 2009 and 26% percent of us are now growing our own vegetables with three quarters of us doing so to save money. 10

  • Watching TV - we’re watching more than ten hours a week as a family with 64% of us saying TV gives us something to talk about 11 although unlike our ancestors, we’re enjoying watching films on subscription TV12

  • Cooking from scratch and eating family meals – now 49% of us are opting to buy ingredients more often and cook ourselves13

  • The weekly roast dinner has regained its place in family life too – with half the population cooking one once a month and 38% of us cooking a roast each week 14

But are we happier? According to one expert, by enjoying family meal times at home and cooking healthier food, our children will have a reduced risk of substance abuse, eating disorders and obesity.15 And for adults? "When we have done the shopping, the cooking, finished playing dominoes with our children, dug the vegetable patch and run up a few outfits, we should at least sleep better. Unless we are one of the 1,589 people being made redundant each day" 16 says a spokesperson from


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2 8,004 new debt problems are dealt with by the Citizens Advice Bureau each day. A property is repossessed every 17 minutes. Credit Action March 2011
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